Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow)

Crypto Decoded 2025 Guide Book - A Living Guide For Crypto Adoption.

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I've followed Crow for years on Youtube and this Guide Book is a testmament to his straight up, no fluff approach to making sure you get solid information out of the gate. Love it.
George Clint


Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow)

Having started in blockchain in 2017, Appleton launched his Youtube channel to share what he learned during his journey into the space. Growing rapidly due to his straight up, no nonsense approach to educating his viewers he helped educate countless new millionaires in the crypto markets which can be seen by simply observing the live chats in his videos. Crypto Decoded 2025 is a means of educating newcomers to the space in a living book format with updates based on reader feedback and needs over time.

135,000 Subscribers

Not flashy but in your face, from the gut, call it as he sees it influencer of influencers on Youtube.

11.5 Million Views

Nearing 12 million views on Youtube for his Crypto related content.

5 Companies in Blockchain

Outside of Youtube, Crow has many blockchain based companies in the crypto eco system.

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